What Our Patients Are Saying About Infinity Family Care

I am thrilled with the level of care and compassion I get from Dr. Cohen at Infinity Family Care. Having a more direct connection to my doctors allows me be more in control of my health.

I’ve been with Dr Cohen for nine years. I have followed her because she is the best. You will never find a Doctor that is so 1 on 1 and truly cares about you as her patient.

A fantastic practice with great doctors. Direct Primary Care is the way to go if you’re looking for a doctor that won’t let “Big Healthcare” tell them how to practice medicine. Get medical care the way it was meant to be provided.

Most compassionate and comprehensive medical treatment I’ve ever received. I highly recommend this office. The doctors and staff are the best.

I love having Infinity as my family care. They leave no stone left unturned. If something is wrong they will figure it out. Very professional and treat you like you’re a friend, not just like a patient.

As a new patient at Infinity Family Care, PC, I instantly felt welcome. I didn’t feel rushed or just another numbered patient in the waiting area like visiting my previous Dr.’s practice. I like the individual attention addressing your entire health, not just symptoms in the moment. I look forward to a long relationship with Infinity Family Care. Thank you!

The experience is like going to a friends house for coffee and a chat. Undivided attention without the doctor having to run to another patient makes it very comfortable to ask ALL of your questions.

Looking forward to building a relationship with this practice, and I am thrilled that there won’t be an insurance company deciding what is best for my healthcare.

Wonderfully personable and genuinely caring. These Docs go above what is expected.

You don’t feel rushed at all. It’s also so convenient and easy to get an appointment or in touch with your doctor if needed. So happy to be a part of Infinity Family Care.

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