This is simply the best experience I’ve ever had with a primary care physicians group. Dr. Wendy is incredible. She spends the time needed to get to know her patient and is rigorous in her assessments and follow up care. Time is taken to discuss nutrition, mind and body connection as well as traditional medical interventions. The business model of this practice gives the patient extraordinary access to his or her physician and the time needed to create a trusting relationship with the Doctor. I’m so thankful to have discovered this practice!

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohen’s for many years and was thrilled when her and Dr. Cunningham open their own practice. It would take too long to state how much I value her services as a doctor. This new practice is fantastic and she is always very responsive if I have an issue. If you have yet to look into Infinity Family Care I strongly suggest you do. This is a fantastic way to have a primary care doctor who not only spends time with you but also LISTENS to what you have to say. You are able to have a voice in your own medical care, which to me is very important.

My first visit with Dr. Cohen was a wonderful experience, one that I have never had with a physician. The offices are as cozy as a medical office can be, and the staff is friendly, smiling, and competent. I feel that I’m in excellent hands. The new medical model of Direct Primary Care is going to work for me, I can tell already. Not only will my care be more personal and coordinated, but the simple act of paying the membership has turned the relationship from one where I feel that I’m taking up a doctor’s time and being a bother, to one of empowerment where I am the customer and feel empowered and entitled to ask questions, request clarification, and make sure that I am knowledgeable and comfortable with any options. It feels revolutionary, and I anticipate overall time and cost savings in the long run.

I have been a patient at Infinity Family Care for a number of years. It is so refreshing to not have to wait weeks for an appointment I can see Dr. Cohen within a day or two in not the same day I called. She never rushes you it is nice to talk to a Dr. that isn’t alway watching her watch to rush you thru. Dr. Cohen is very professional yet very easy to talk to and takes the time to make sure all your concerns are addressed. I highly recommend the Infinity Family Care Services.

With 5 years of being a patient of Dr.Cohens I couldn’t be happier. The best doctor I’ve ever had – caring, helpful and always there. It was a miracle to find her when I did! The new practice is amazing, not just with her but everyone included. Being able to speak with her in a second through a messaging app is a great tool you are offered to keep in touch with updates and appointments. The staff is attentive and wonderful. I couldn’t be happier with everything

Infinity Family Care physicians, and particularly Dr. Cohen, is the ideal practice for people such as myself who are interested in a real collaborative partnership in managing personal health. I always feel that my concerns and goals are the priority during my office visits. I genuinely appreciate the flexible availability of Dr. Cohen and the continued communication outside of the office. This practice is a huge help to me in taking control of my health care. Thank you.

I have been struggling with multiple medical illnesses andDr.Wendy Cohen has always been an incredible source of comfort and information. She is always willing to take as much time as you need to resolve your medical issues and recommends specialists who are excellent in their own.

In 2010. I was struggling will extreme pain in my face, was falling down unexpectedly, spiking fevers and under her recommendation, I went to a new neurologist who diagnosed my medical problem, had surgery and my quality of life was restored.

Dr. Wendy is incredible! She’s not just intelligent and knowledgeable (as all doctors are or, at least, should be), but also caring and interested in her patients as people. She always asks how I am doing, personally, emotionally, etc.–not just medically. That is, she treats the whole person! As a bonus, she’s fun and funny. Even when sick, I *enjoy* going to see her. While Dr. Wendy is the reason I go to Infinity Family Care (following her there after two previous location), all of the staff are fabulous, too!

I have been looking for a local primary care physician for years, and I am thrilled to have found this practice! I had my first appointment with Dr. Wendy Cohen today, and I was definitely impressed. This practice is focused on prevention, which is so refreshing! And my appointment could not have been more pleasant. I know it was only my first appointment, but they could not have made a better first impression. Looking forward to building a relationship with this practice, and I am thrilled that there won’t be an insurance company deciding what is best for my healthcare.

Dr. Cohen and the direct primary care model has made my life so much easier. I came here tired and very bitter of most of the doctors I have seen. I will never go back to a regular doctor’s office. Dr. Wendy listens, truly cares, and is extremely helpful. On my first pap with her, it was COMPLETELY PAINLESS! No scratchy feeling! I didn’t know that was possible! The office is beautiful, clean, relaxing, the waiting room (that you probably won’t spend time in anyway) has drinks and snacks which is nice. A+++

This facility is filled with great staff that treat you as a person and much more than just a patient. The facility is well maintained and gives a very comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Direct interaction with my doctor is such a great experience and is so different than a normal practice. My doctor listens to me, answers my questions in a clear and concise way and spends quality time with me

Appointments are set up quickly, I don’t have to wait months to get in to see my doctor. Direct messaging and their quick response is the best experience.

If you are tired of the old way of getting healthcare, I strongly recommend you look at this practice. It brings healthcare back to the way it used to be and should always be.

I would most definitely recommend Dr Cohen to a friend. Dr Cohen is absolutely the very best primary care physician I ever could have hoped for. I’ve been with Dr Cohen for nine years. I have followed her because she is the best. You will never find a Doctor that is so 1 on 1 and truly cares about you as her patient. We need more Doctors like her. She’s wonderful. 🌻

A fantastic practice with great doctors. Direct Primary Care is the way to go if you’re looking for a doctor that won’t let “Big Healthcare” tell them how to practice medicine. Get medical care the way it was meant to be provided.

Dr. Wendy Cohen is the best physician that I have met in my 65 years. She has gone beyond the normal care to diagnosis my medical condition and refused to give up when the answer was hard to find. She is a high quality physician because she will take the time to listen to the patient, researches when necessary, and always works with specialists to provide the highest standard of care.

I am thrilled with the level of care and compassion I get from Dr. Cohen at Infinity Family Care. Having a more direct connection to my doctors allows me be more in control of my health. Their office is beautiful and I look forward to working with them in the future!

As a new patient at Infinity Family Care, PC, I instantly felt welcome. I didn’t feel rushed or just another numbered patient in the waiting area like visiting my previous Dr.’s practice. I like the individual attention addressing your entire health, not just symptoms in the moment. I look forward to a long relationship with Infinity Family Care. Thank you!

I love that my doctor spends a lot of time with me. I remember the day when I’d go to the doctor and walk out of my appointment and think, ‘I forgot to ask (this or that).” I feel so much better after my appointments with Infinity Family Care.

Dr Wendy provides excellent Primary Care service. My appointments are not cut short by insurance time limitations so am am able to get all my questions answered. This is how all health care should be.

Incredible care, attention, and medical knowledge. Wonderful staff! I honestly never thought I would be so satisfied with a primary care provider (or enjoy going for doctor’s visits so much).

I love having Infinity as my family care. They leave no stone left unturned. If something is wrong they will figure it out. Very professional, and treat you like you’re a friend, not just like a patient.

I loved Dr. Wendy Cohen. She is a great listener and always seems to ask the right questions. I never, ever feel rushed. That is so important.

This is the future of real doctor patient practice now. The difference between Infinity and traditional insurance based PCP’s is amazing. Especially if one have long term conditions that need to be supported.

Our first few visits to Infinity Family Care have been great. The place is clean, the people are friendly and most importantly Dr. Cohen was awesome! Absolutely recommend it.

The experience is like going to a friends house for coffee and a chat. Undivided attention without the doctor having to run to another patient makes it very comfortable to ask ALL of your questions. Also, I can’t say enough about Twistle. My doctor at my fingertips!

Could not give a more positive review to this practice. They have blown me away with the level of care I have been provided and the access to a healthcare provider that I now enjoy.